Sugar baby allowance is a gift and financial incentive that sugar daddies give sugar babies in exchange for companionship and fun. It usually comes in the form of cash, gifts, free travel and other money-related items in a sugar relationship. In general, sugar baby allowances range from hundreds to tens of thousands, and the typical allowances for sugar babies average about $3,000. So, what is a reasonable sugar baby allowance?

If you have used a sugar baby app or sugar baby sites to find yourself a sugar daddy, you are likely dealing with that all important yet often awkward topic of conversation: money and your sugar baby allowance. Especially for sugar babies, allowance is a crucial part of sugar relationships, which is why they engage in sugar baby dating. Some sugar babies earn tens of thousands of dollars a month from their sugar daddy, while others earn only a few hundred. What makes the difference and what is a reasonable sugar baby allowance, anyway? Let's take a closer look at what you can and should expect when it comes to receiving a sugar baby allowance from your sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Dating Expectations

First, it's important to discuss sugar baby dating expectations. What does your sugar daddy expect out of the relationship? What do you expect out of the relationship? Will you two be meeting at a specific time every week? Or will you be expected to be "on call" for when you're sugar daddy wants to hang out? Does your sugar daddy have expectations for how you will dress or what type of upkeep you do (having your nails done, waxes, etc.)? State your expectations clearly on your profile when you are looking for a potential sugar daddy on sugar baby site. The more you know about the expectations in the relationship, the better idea you will have when it comes to deciding on money and a sugar baby allowance.

How Much Should a Sugar Baby Allowance Be?

There is no set "allowance" that all sugar babies should get. The allowance you should receive will depend on a few different factors. The following are the 5 key factor questions you should be asking when deciding how much money you should receive for your sugar baby allowance.

1. What do you expect the allowance to cover?

First, consider what you expect your allowance to cover. Do you expect your allowance to simply be hobby money so you can do things you like? Or are you anticipating that the allowance will cover some of your bills and living expenses? If you want your sugar daddy to pay for your living expenses, you need to be clear about your financial goals, such as rent, cell phone bills, tuition, transportation, car payments and more.

2. What is the income of your sugar daddy?

Next, consider the income of your sugar daddy and the general cost of living in your area. Does he make enough to reasonably give you the allowance you expect based on your answers to the first questions? Or will you need to adjust your expectations? Not all sugar daddies are millionaire sugar daddies. The allowance that sugar babies can get depends heavily on the income of their sugar daddy. You can't expect an average sugar daddy to pay you tens of thousands of dollars a month.

3.Have you Taken location into account when determining your allowance?

In addition, you must take location into account when determining your allowance, as it is an important factor affecting the level of your allowance. Generally speaking, big cities have more generous rich sugar daddies, while smaller towns have fewer sugar daddies who can afford larger allowances. It's clear that looking for sugar daddies in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other similar big cities is more likely to receive a high allowance.

4. Have you considered sex?

As we all know, sugar baby dating is legal and It's different from escorts and prostitution. But it is undeniable that sugar relationship may involve sex in many cases, it is no longer a secret. When it comes to this point, you have to admit that as a baby, the more you want, the more you have to pay. Believe it or not, most sugar daddies will not refuse to spend an unforgettable night with their sugar baby, so are you ready to have sex with your sugar daddy?

5. What are your relationship terms?

Finally, think about all the terms of your relationship and how that impacts your life and finances. For instance, if you are expected to spend more time with your sugar daddy (say, multiple times per week) then you should expect more allowance. If you are expected to spend a long time commitment with your sugar daddy, such as spending weekends together, going traveling, etc., then you should expect more allowance. If you are expected to be exclusive in any way—such as expecting you not to date anyone or to only have one sugar daddy—then you should expect more allowance.

It's important that you and your sugar daddy have some clear cut conversations about expectations, boundaries and money in your relationship. The clearer you can be the better! It will be more beneficial for both parties if you can come to a mutually agreed upon arrangement that is easy to understand.

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    It seems tempting! I like the upfront expectations and prices!

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    I am curious about how much money other people earn from their sugar daddy every month? I just think it's smart to negotiate your allowance because it doesn't seem like a waste of time...That's good.