In the place where prostitution is illegal, sugar baby dating seems to be legal. So, is it legal to become a sugar baby?

One of the most common questions people ask when they are first introduced to the idea of being a sugar baby is: is sugar baby dating legal? Even though there are countless sugar baby sites out there, the concept of legality is one that many people question. Let's take a closer look at whether or not being a sugar baby and engaging in sugar baby dating is legal—or potentially could get you in hot water with the law.

What is Sugar Baby Dating?

Sugar baby dating refers to a specific type of dating arrangement in which a "sugar baby" enters into a relationship with a "sugar daddy." The terms of the relationship typically involve the sugar daddy gifting the sugar baby with money, presents and other gifts. Typically, someone who is a sugar daddy is not interested in a traditional relationship with the sugar baby, and there are various rules and boundaries established at the start of the relationship so that both parties are clear about their roles.

Is Being a Sugar Baby Legal?

The short answer to this is "yes." Being a sugar baby is not illegal. The long answer to this is also "yes, sugar baby dating is definitely legal as long as you are following certain rules."

There are a few boundaries you must follow in order to keep sugar baby dating legal. One, you must not exchange gifts or payments for sex; this would bring the sugar baby dating arrangement into the domain of sexual escorting/prostitution, which may not be legal where you live. Of cause, this does not mean that sugar relationship never involves sex, but in this relationship, there is no direct correlation between sex and money, because it is not the primary motivation or consideration. Sugar baby dating is not a commercial transaction, but pampering/spoiling. Another boundary you must follow is that all parties in the relationship need to be 18 years old.

Are Sugar Baby Sites Legal?

Some people may worry that sugar baby sites aren't legal since they are sometimes compared to escort sites. However, sugar baby dating is not a commercial transaction like escorting—it is a specific type of relationship in which a sugar baby is spoiled by a sugar daddy. As long as the aforementioned rules are followed, then yes, the sugar baby sites in question are perfectly legal. In some cases, you may need to pay for a membership to participate in a sugar baby/sugar daddy site, so keep this in mind when you are looking for an established site to use.

Finding a Sugar Baby Relationship Safely

It's important for anyone interested in being a sugar baby that they stick to some simple rules to keep themselves safe while looking for a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. Stick to sugar daddy sites that have some type of verification and safety precautions, such as allowing you to message the sugar daddy so that you can confirm their identity; when meeting a potential sugar daddy, always meet somewhere in public first and tell someone else who you will be meeting until you feel that you can trust them.

Remember: sugar baby dating is legal! Just be sure to stick to the boundaries mentioned above and always play it safe when it comes to finding a new sugar daddy relationship.

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  • Sugar baby
    2 September, 2019


    How is sugar baby dating legal? It's all about sex and money. Absolutely, It's prostitution.

    • Sugar daddy
      2 September, 2019


      So according to your definition, every married woman who stays at home is also a prostitute? After all, this kind of relationship is also based on sex and companionship provided by women, as well as the financial support provided by men.

  • Sugar baby
    28 August, 2019


    It's hard to say, it depends more on your motivation. The sugar relationship itself should be legal, but having sex for the exchange of money is called prostitution and it's illegal in the US as well as many other places in the world.

  • Sugar daddy
    24 August, 2019


    Most sugar babies offer more than just sex, but a continuing secret relationship. Of course, this is likely to involve sex and money, but the two are not directly related.